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Previous Work

Happy Farmers

Kidney Study

In collaboration with researchers from Boise State University and the University of Wyoming, Dr. Moyce will investigate the association between pesticide exposure and kidney disease. Her doctoral research centered on acute kidney injury in agricultural workers, and this work investigates the potential of pesticide exposure as a risk factor for kidney damage.

Portrait at Work

COVID-19 Study

The purpose of the COVID-19 study was to understand the experiences of Latinos in Gallatin County accessing and getting COVID-19 vaccinations. This study was in partnership with the Gallatin City-County Health Department. 

Portrait at Work
Daydreaming with a Book

Mental Health

This pilot study aimed to address the growing need for mental health resources in the Latino community. We looked at the effects of using promotores de salud (Latino community health workers) to address anxiety and depression through the use of Motivation Interviewing (MI).

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